A career in the oil and gas industry

Why you should consider a career in the oil industry?

The world is growing like never before and this growth means we need more energy.

Energy is vital to our quality of life – we need it for heat, transport, and to power our homes and businesses – and global demand for energy continues to grow.

“Access to clean modern energy will help to reduce poverty, improve public health and education and foster economic growth.”

Over one in seven people globally lack electricity to light their homes or refrigerate their food. Even more rely on dirty fuels such as charcoal and coal for cooking. Replacing outdated cook stoves and open fires with modern energy services would save the lives of 800,000 children who die each year because of exposure to indoor air pollution.

The world must move towards low cost, secure and low carbon energy. The oil and gas industry is working collectively, across the world, to improve access to clean energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and invest in low carbon technologies. However, even with a fast transition to renewable energy, oil & gas together will still supply around half the world’s primary energy needs by 2040. Put simply, our industry will be around for a long time to come.

It’s a dynamic industry – it’s fun, exciting and challenging, and offers  opportunities to travel the world.

The oil & gas industry presents an unparalleled range of career options.

“We will need to recruit over 40,000 people between 2018 and 2035 – this includes 10,000 people in new areas such as data science, robotics, material science, nano technology and cyber security”
The oil industry is a progressive industry where women are treated well.

It promotes a culture of respect – for everyone

The industry takes a modern and forward-looking approach, working to create – and sustain – a culture in which everyone can thrive. Leading companies have policies and practices that are  family-friendly, and an empowering environment that trusts and respects individuals – and offers them freedom to be creative, to develop and to work fl exibly.

Pursuing a more diverse, inclusive workforce is a key priority for our industry

Women can bring different leadership skills and behaviours but it’s not just about diversity of gender, it’s about diversity of thought – more balanced teams make better decisions. Women continue to be under-represented not just in our industry but in all STEM sectors. If we want the best chance of success we need to redress the balance.

“We need more women to join our industry – diversity of thought is vital to ensuring the best chance of finding solutions to difficult challenges”

However, this project is not about statistics, trends and drivers. It is about the real-life experiences of women who have succeeded in our industry – their stories,  their views, their diverse routes to professional attainment.  Get to know their profiles here.